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LTN: Huawei’s Software Defect Rate Is 55 Percent

Major Taiwanese news network Liberty Times Network (LTN) recently reported that the security firm Finite State’s latest research report showed that, among a sample of nearly 10,000 Huawei software images, 55 percent had at least one potential backdoor vulnerability. The research indicated that, among similar products in the industry, Huawei’s security level ranked lowest nearly across the board in all of the technical categories that were inspected. This poses a high risk to Huawei’s customers. The research also showed that the security posture of Huawei’s products did not improve over time. In addition, many security holes were not patched, or the software did not receive upgrades. Similar products manufactured by Huawei’s competitors like Nokia and Ericsson scored much higher. Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer Marcus Weldontold also claimed to have far better information security scores. Huawei refused to comment on the completeness and objectiveness of the research report but insisted the company did not intentionally plant a backdoor into any of its products.

Source: LTN, June 28, 2019