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The “Magical Prediction” of Hong Kong Police

A video titled “The ‘Magical Prediction’ of the Hong Kong Police” exposed several facts that indicate it was very likely that the Hong Kong police set up the Hong Kong protesters so they would enter the Legislative Council on July 1.

On the official video in which the police officer condemned the protesters for using metal material to damage the building and then rushed into the building, his watch showed the time to be 5:05. However, the protesters did not enter the Legislative Council until 9 p.m.

The video showed several middle-aged radical “protesters” who pushed a metal cart to break the glass doors, while the policemen inside the door were just calmly standing and watching. When a councilman tried to stop the action, a very radical “protester” simply pushed the councilman to ground. This protester’s face was fully covered, and he wore gloves. All these radical “protesters” later completely disappeared.

There were also some other awkward phenomena. The policemen inside the building set off a gas canister when there was no protester entering the building; then 4 minutes later, around 9 p.m., they just left. Five minutes later, the gate was broken and protesters came in.

Newsweek added other information, saying, “Pro-democracy internet users in Hong Kong are circulating a video they claim proves that Monday’s violent protests were allowed—and perhaps even encouraged—by the city’s police force in order to undermine the credibility of demonstrators.”  They also “suggested that police-directed agent provocateurs may have been active among the protesters, perhaps even leading the attack on the Legislative Council building.”

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