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CRN: China should Draw a Red Line for the U.S.

China Review News (CRN) recently reviewed an article published by Global Times on recent US aggression at sea around China. The article believed that the U.S. is a country constantly at war. Without wars, the U.S. economy loses stimulation and the nation cannot unite its people. The military activities the US is now conducting in the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea are part of the strategy of building an “Asian NATO.” The author believes that China is becoming the center of the world’s wealth. China is strategic to U.S. financial profits. Meanwhile, China will in the end become an equal world super power. It is impossible to bear with the U.S. forever. Therefore, the article concluded,  China must draw a red line for the U.S. The US cannot endlessly coerce China into things and endlessly “plot” against China.

Source: China Review News, August 4, 2010