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The Six Highlights of the Vanguard 2010 Exercise

Xinhua published an article that identified six highlights of the five-day air defense military exercise, Vanguard 2010, that just finished on August 7. The article was from Lieutenant general Feng Zhaoju, deputy director of the exercise and Deputy Commander of the Jinan Military Region:
1. Battle system theory
2. Unit integration – using IT to integrate different basic combat units into a combined combat force, based on the mission requirements and situation.
3. Information system support
4. Complicated electronic-magnetic environment usage
5. Air-ground actual combat
6. Real battle.

Feng also stated that the “unit integration” is a brand new area to start. The exercise has developed some practical measures in surveillance, early warning, command control, and fire attack areas.

Source: Xinhua, August 7, 2010