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Taiwan Professor: The CCP’s Sharp Power Is Reaching Taiwan’s Local Radio Stations

Professor Hong-zen Wang of National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, wrote an article to alarm people that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) infiltration in Taiwan has reached local radio stations that broadcast in the Taiwanese language.

In Taiwan, major radio stations speak mandarin, the official language. Some smaller local stations broadcast in Taiwanese, the main local language. Hosts of these stations normally have audience members call in to order songs to play. Most of the songs that are ordered are in Taiwanese, while some are in Mandarin. Usually the old songs are from before the 1980s because the people who call in tend to be in their 50’s or older and they became used to listening to the radio and listening to those songs when they were younger.

However, in the past six months, Professor Wang has been hearing newer Mandarin songs. They are songs from the mainland and he is not familiar with them at all. One song said “riding a train to Lhasa” (the song portrayed the Tibetan people as having a good life under the CCP’s leadership). Professor Wang questioned why any Taiwanese would listen to this song or agree with the message, though the host claimed that someone asked for it.

A radio host mentioned on his radio program that he had a work experience exchange with radio hosts in Shanghai and found out that radio hosts in the mainland spend only an hour on the radio program and that the rest of the time involves administrative work. (Professor Wang was surprised that this kind of exchange took place.)

The author pointed out, “This is a real case in which the CCP’s sharp power has invaded in Taiwan; it is similar to social media brainwashing. It starts with non-political activities and then will exercise its influence when it is time to vote. Establishing and growing a social media group takes two to three years to do, but taking over the Taiwanese radio stations is much faster. All the CCP needs to do is to buy the board of directors (of the stations). Then the CCP inherits a group of loyal listeners. The scariest thing is that we don’t even know how this change actually happened.”

Source: Voice Tank, June 11, 2019