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New Plan from Hong Kong: Withdraw Cash from Bank of China

RFI reported that protesters in Hong Kong have called for a new action this weekend: withdraw cash from the Bank of China.

As the anti-extradition bill movement continues in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong people raised “Five Major Requests” for the response of the authorities.
1. Remove the extradition bill;
2. Retract the “riot” declaration;
3. Investigate the police accountability in firing at people (on June 12);
4. Do not prosecute protesters; and
5. Carrie Lam should resign.

Some protesters called for an action to target Chinese banks to apply pressure to Beijing.

The plan was passed among people via an Internet platform Telegram. On Twitter, the plan is called “Everyone to Withdraw Cash: Send the Bank of China Back to China.” The announcement requests the Hong Kong government respond to each and every item of the “five major requests” by 6 p.m. on Friday July 12. Otherwise, it calls for everyone to take their money out of the Bank of China.

The announcement pointed out that withdrawing money does not break the law and should not be investigated or result in arrest. Nor should the authorities go after anyone after the event is settled. Withdrawal will start on the morning of July 13. The location will be announced on the TG channel on the evening of July 12. If there is no announcement, people should go to Bank of China’s branches near their homes.

Source: RFI, July 8, 2019港澳台/20190708-香港反送中新计划全民到中国银行取钱测试其压力