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Gangsters Attacked and Wounded Protesters in Hong Kong

The Epoch Times reported that gangsters attacked protesters in Hong Kong at the Yuen Long Train Station on Sunday July 21. About 430,000 protesters joined in an anti-extradition parade to protest that the Hong Kong government has not responded to citizen’s appeals. When the parade was at the Train Station of Yuen Long, more than one hundred gangsters came out to beat the protesters. The gangsters wore white clothes and masks. They used batons to beat people rather brutally and even entered the train cars to beat people inside. At least 36 people, including Democratic legislator Lam Cheuk Ting and a reporter from Stand News, were wounded and sent to four hospitals. One is still in critical situation. (Editor’s note: Newer reports had the injury count at 45).

The report cited six videos of the gangsters brutally beating protesters. Another video showed a youth kneeling at a train car door begging the gangster not to enter, but someone in white punched him and he fell down.

Many people asked, “Where were the police.” An article in the Guardian stated, “When police arrived at the station after 11pm, the assailants had left and angry protesters demanded to know why they had taken so long to get there.”

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