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Epoch Times: A Princeling Revealed the CCP’s Internal Fight on the Hong Kong Issue

A princeling (the second generation of high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials) gave the Epoch Times some insider information about the CCP’s political in-fighting on the Hong Kong movement.

“Some (top CCP officials) tried to stir things up to force Xi Jinping to make mistakes. They hoped Xi would order firing on people and create another June 4th event in Hong Kong. Some suggested using force and the military, or even having the military take control. All of these schemes were to set Xi up.”

“Xi was very clear about their agenda. He set a big principle that there would be no blood and another June 4th event would be avoided at any cost. He was very firm on this. He made three points: no matter what happened in Hong Kong, ‘It is not allowed to shed blood, not allowed to use guns, and not allowed to use the military stationed in Hong Kong.’ He wanted to quiet down the event.”

Chen Daoxiang, Commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) stationed in Hong Kong, met David Helvey, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian & Pacific Security Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense, on June 13. Chen forwarded Xi’s message, stating that Beijing would not use the military.

“Xi is observing, who is doing what in Hong Kong affairs. This might eventually lead to a fight between the anti-Xi group and Xi’s group.”

In addition, “there are CCP spies who came in as protesters, trying to stir things up. The bigger the event, the harder it is to resolve, the better for the anti-X group.”

“After Xi Jinping compromised with Jiang Zemin’s group (Jiang is the former CCP leader; he tried to grab power after his retirement and thus created friction between himself and his successors) at the CCP 19th National Congress, Xi started getting into trouble. Xi agreed not to take down Jiang and his right-hand man Zeng Qinghong. However, from time to time, Jiang and Zeng have tried to create problems for Xi. The Hong Kong turmoil benefits Jiang and Zeng. The two factions of Jiang and Xi have been fighting over Hong Kong.”

“Xi wants to keep Carrie Lam in her position and does not want to make a big change in Hong Kong.”

“As for the officials from Beijing’s offices who are stationed in Hong Kong, including the CCP Liaison Office in Hong Kong and the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, more than a dozen were punished, and some were even dismissed. The CCP was tough on its own officials but wants to Keep Carrie Lam.”

Source: Epoch Times, July 20, 2019