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Defense University Professor: Establishing IT-Based System for the Military

Qiushi Journal, a publication of the CCP Central Committee, republished an article from Chinese Social Science Today titled “Establishing a Chinese-Characteristic IT-Based System for the Military.” Author Yuan Wenxian is a Major General, professor, and head of the information warfare, command, and training section at Beijing’s PLA National Defense University. Yuan outlined the Chinese military information system as “three layers, six areas, and four types.”

The three layers are: the Central Military Commission (general command) layer, the military region/military type layer, and the combat troop layer. The six areas are: IT warfare, military composition, armory and equipment, military training, military political work, and military supply and management. The four types are: the policy system, organization system, legal system, and technology standards system.

Source: Qiushi Journal, October 27, 2010