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Qiushi: Losing Control over Media Caused USSR’s Collapse

Qiushi Journal, a publication of the CCP Central Committee, published an article that claims that the Party’s losing control over its media was what triggered the USSR’s collapse. The article said that “media reform” in the USSR was the reason more and more media abandoned their Party loyalty and shunned the Party’s leadership.

“Negative information (about the Communist Party) flooded the news under the name of ‘openness.’” Also, a foreign ideology invasion flourished. The USSR’s media reform thus caused a cycle of “news reform – the media opening up – the entrance of foreign forces – exposure of the negative side – the accumulation of public unhappiness – an inability to counter the assault – a complete loss of media control – a loss of power.”

The article concluded that it is critical for the CCP to control the media and not to open the media to private ownership.

Source: Qiushi Journal, November 1, 2010