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Propaganda TV Shows Dominate the 70th Birthday of the People’s Republic

On July 29th, the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) released a mandate to TV stations at all levels that, for the 100 days of celebration of the 70th birthday of the People’s Republic of China, they could only broadcast TV dramas that SARFT selected; no traditional costume dramas or idol dramas could be broadcast.

The SARFT mandate stated that, based on a careful review and repeated research, 86 TV shows were selected to be the TV stations at all levels in the country to broadcast, especially provincial satellite TV stations. These programs were predominantly pro-Communist propaganda TV shows.

The SARFT further warned that provincial radio and television bureaus must take politics as the lifeline of broadcasting and tighten up their control of the selection and broadcasting of TV shows during the 100 days of celebration.

Source:, July 31, 2019