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The Paper: Official Media Launched Media Campaign Attacking U.S. for Breaking its Promise and Bringing Harm to the World

After CCTV launched a full attack on the U.S. during its prime time for two consecutive days, People’s Daily published an editorial piece attacking the U.S. for failing to keep its promise. The Paper stated that this means that Beijing has officially launched a media campaign on the topic of “The U.S. betrayal of China.” In addition to CCTV and People’s Daily, on August 4th, Xinhua also published the first of its series of commentaries which further emphasized that China must “do well to ensure stability” and “take care of our own business.” The Paper said that, for those who are familiar with media protocol in China, whenever People’s Daily published a series of editorial pieces, it meant that something big was about to happen.

Source: The Paper, August 5, 2019