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Retired Military General: In the Future China Will Surely Have Overseas Bases

In response to Western media’s reactions to the news that Pakistan asked China to help build the Gwadar port, Xu Guangyu, a retired military major general, wrote an article in Global Times “In the future China will surely have overseas bases.” The author argued, “There is no need for much ado about nothing, even if it is true; let alone that China has denied the news.” Xu continued, “[China’s] growing national power and an ever interconnected world do not allow us to avoid exchanges with the outside. It is inevitable to contact and cooperate with other countries on issues of the economy, culture, and security. Since ancient times, the vast ocean has been an irreplaceable platform for such exchanges. Any country, as long as it has a coastline of over a kilometer, will try to build ports and a fleet, exchange voyages and share ports with friendly countries.” “Today, if such a big China peacefully assists Pakistan or other countries to build ports or even naval bases, it will be a breakthrough for China’s normal overseas condition of ‘two zeros’ (no ports, no bases). This is progress. For China, as a big country with the responsibility for regional and world peace and development, such breakthroughs should become quite normal. Are you ready (to accept it)?”

Source: People’s Daily website, May 26, 2011