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People’s Daily: China Marine Surveillance Increases Use of Hi-Tech Equipment

People’s Daily recently reported on the newly published 2010 China Marine Law Enforcement Bulletin. Information from the Bulletin indicated that, in 2010, China Marine Surveillance sent out 188 marine missions, which traversed a total of 211,428 nautical miles, as well as 523 air flights, which covered 538,480 kilometers. The missions monitored 1,303 foreign vessels, 214 flights and 43 other objects. China Marine Surveillance owns 9 airplanes and more than 280 vessels. In order to increase its capacity, the agency is implementing the use of more and more hi-tech equipment, such as a new 3000-ton level surveillance ship that came with on-board helicopters, the latest satellite devices, and cutting edge engines. The agency is also building a platform with real time integration of space, air, sea, and coastal communications. The system currently supports real time audio and video communications across multiple command channels.

Source: People’s Daily, May 23, 2011