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Study Times Article Justifies Defense Budget for Social Stability

A June 20, 2011 article in Study Times, the newspaper published by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Party School, acknowledged the role of the military in domestic stability while defending China’s growing defense budget. “In the process of its development, China faces not only a situation where developed countries lead in areas of the economy, technology, and military, and also in external strategic prevention and containment, as well as in interference and sabotage by separatist and hostile forces; China also faces, in addition, the challenge of maintaining social stability and fighting against secession.” 

The article quotes from China’s Annual National Defense White Paper, “against the backdrop of the current international and domestic security environment, China faces traditional and nontraditional security threats, … as well as domestic and international threats, and political, economic, social, and military security threats, which all intertwine together.”

Source: Study Times, June 20, 2011