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China Review News: We Would Rather Not Have Democracy that Leads to a Country’s Decline

An editorial from China Review News, a Hong Kong based government news agency, criticizes the U.S. efforts to promote democracy in third world countries. “The risks and costs when third world countries rush to democratize are far greater than its potential benefits.” According to the editorial, before a country really solves the livelihood problem of its people, the priority is to develop its economy and to emphasize collective discipline and hard work. Democracy relates to individuality and promotes freedom, which "means the dispersion of political authority and deviation from the major task of economic development.” 

The editorial cites Iraq as an example. “[That country] is in urgent need of development, iron rule, and centralization, but the current administration is trapped in religious conflicts and unable to make any decision on major issues.” The editorial concludes, “If the price of democracy is the decay of a country, we would rather not have it.”

Source: China Review News, June 22, 2011