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China to Publish Civilian Version of Its First Military Game Mission of Honor

China’s first Internet military game, “Mission of Honor,” co-developed by the Nanjing Military Region and Wuxi Network Science and Technology Corporation (WNSTC), was delivered to the Chinese army in June 2011. China Software Evaluation Center acclaimed the product as “China’s first large intranet military game developed as domestic intellectual property.” It was reported that the Chinese military authorized WNSTC to develop a commercial version of the game for civilian use. The new game is projected to hit the market by the end of 2012.

Chinese experts proposed the development of the civilian version of the game in order to help the younger generation of gamers inherit (the CCP’s) military tradition, promote patriotism, foster an interest in the military among adolescents, and enhance the concept of national defense.

According to a VOA report, “Mission of Honor" displays images of Chinese soldiers firing at an imaginary “enemy” with the obvious appearance of American soldiers and American military equipment, including an Apache helicopter.

Source: People’s Daily online, August 11, 2011