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PLA Daily: Dare to Use the Aircraft Carrier in Territorial Disputes

On August 11, 2011, PLA Daily published an article suggesting China should “dare to” use its aircraft carrier to solve territorial disputes. The article is no longer available on the official web site, but several other sites have picked it up. The article pointed out that China made a large investment in building the aircraft carrier, and it was not built “just for display.” The author expressed that putting a military warship into a field of combat is the logical next step when China’s territorial seas are under threat or attack. The article also suggested that China is ready to fight the challenging countries even without the aircraft carrier. However the new aircraft carrier “only reinforces and enhances the confidence and the determination” of defending China’s territory. The article did acknowledge that there might be a long way to go before the new aircraft carrier can obtain actual combat capability; it has more political value that military value at the moment.

Source: DWNews, August, 12, 2011