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Xinhua: For U.S. to Make Money, It Must Pay a Price

Xinhua republished a commentary from the International Herald Leader, a newspaper under People’s Daily. The commentary was titled “There Is a Price to Pay for Making Money.” It stated that the Obama administration’s $6.4 billion weapons sale to Taiwan showed a twisted understanding of the Sino-U.S. relationship. The U.S. only wants China to help it to solve its own problems and only lets China show its power when it helps the U.S.

Following this logic, the U.S. wants China to buy U.S. bonds and products but not U.S. companies; to support the U.S. on North Korea and Iran issues; to keep silent on the South China Sea and Taiwan; to separate from other “BRIC” countries; to keep distant from Europe and not seek the removal of the EU’s arms embargo on China.

How should China respond? “Doesn’t the U.S. think it’s normal to sell arms to Taiwan? OK, following normal logic, how can anyone not pay a price for doing business? Of course, this price is not necessarily written on the back of the contract.”

Source: Xinhua, February 4, 2010