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Xinhua: U.S. Overplayed Its Claim that China Has Launched an Internet Cold War

Xinhua republished a People’s Daily report that discussed how the U.S. media accuse China’s hackers of attacking the websites of the U.S. government and U.S. companies and stealing confidential information. The U.S. regards this as an “Internet cold war.”

According to Xinhua a Chinese scholar, Meng Wei, of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, “The U.S. understands the importance of the Internet to national security very well; it regards the Internet as a new strategic space. Out of consideration for its national interests, the U.S. hopes to control others via its first mover advantage on the Internet. At the same time, the U.S. has also increased its defensive mentality and even takes other countries as hypothetical enemies in order to control its administrative power over the Internet. The U.S. is highly dependent on the Internet, but the government pays little attention to prevention or to the administration of Intent security. Accusing other countries of posing Internet threats can also shift the public’s attention and transfer the responsibility to others.”

Source: Xinhua, December 16, 2011