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Government Scholar: Persist in the Leadership and Ruling Status of the Chinese Communist Party

Zhou Nongbin, the former Deputy Chief Editor of Guangming Daily and a research fellow at the Marxist Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, published an article defending the need for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s leadership and ruling status. Zhou argued that China’s socialist system determines that it can only be ruled by the Communist Party, just like the capitalist system can only be controlled by capitalists. The author also dismissed the multiple-party system and said that the Communist Party will not allow capitalists to compete for the ruling position. Finally, the author clarified that the multi-party cooperation led by the CCP and the political consultation system is different from the multiple-party system. China will never adopt (multiple parties) or allow any parties other than the CCP to take the leading position.

Source: Qiushi Theory, December 9, 2011