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General Peng: U.S. Global Strategic Adjustments

Global Times recently published a summary of a speech delivered by General Peng Guangqian, the Deputy Secretary of the National Security Policies Committee. In his speech, Peng identified three key global strategic events that have had a major impact on the international political landscape: (1) the global financial crisis; (2) the historic Middle East political “earthquake”; and (3) the U.S. moving its global strategic focal point to East Asia. According to Peng, the new U.S. strategy includes six elements: (1) China as the primary war target; (2) Japan and Australia as the key strategic allies; (3) Western Pacific based military bases; (4) the Western value system; (5) the U.S. dominated economic containment system; and (6) foreign policies aimed at separating China from its neighboring countries. In his speech, Peng expressed the worry that traitors in China might work with the U.S. to overturn the government.

Source: Global Times, December 16, 2011