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Xinhua: The Level of Urbanization in China Reaches 50%

Xinhua recently reported that the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the Social Bluebook it had recently compiled. According to the Bluebook, in the year 2011, the level of urbanization in China reached 50%. The 2010 national census indicated that, last year, the urban population reached 49.68%. This was the first time in a few thousand years that urban citizens outnumbered those classified as “farmers.” The Bluebook considered the moment a historic turning point and suggested that this may have a major impact in several social areas, such as the patterns of consumption, life styles, and value systems. The Bluebook also suggested that urbanization is becoming the second major economic engine after industrialization. However, urbanization is also believed to raise a number of social issues, such as the lack of labor protection and social security.

Source: Xinhua, December 19, 2011