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Xinhua: China Can Set Up Three Lines of Navy Supply Bases in Indian Ocean

The International Herald Leader, a newspaper under the Xinhua News Agency, published an article that suggests setting up three lines of navy supply bases in the Northern Indian Ocean, the Western Indian Ocean, and the Southern Indian Ocean. Currently, China is considering the Seychelles Foreign Minister’s invitation to the Chinese military forces. According to the article, China needs to establish overseas strategic support stations for adding ship fuel, re-supply of necessities, staff break time, repairs of equipment, and weapons.

The article suggested that Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar can be the core support bases in the North Indian Ocean supply line; Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique can be the core support bases in the West Indian Ocean supply line; and Seychelles and Madagascar can be the core support bases in the South Indian Ocean supply line.

Source: International Herald Leader, December 23, 2011