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Chinese Expert: How Maintain Stability in China-U.S. Relations in 2012

Wang Fonggang, the Deputy Director of the Institute of American Studies at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, discussed how to move China-U.S. relations forward while facing uncertainties.

Wang foresees that China-U.S. relations in 2012 will be very complicated due to the election year and the structural changes in the international situation and bilateral relations. He said that the main task in China-U.S. relations in 2012 will be to “maintain stability.” … China should increase its awareness in three areas. First is the awareness of crises. (China) should fully recognize the seriousness of both domestic and foreign situations and the periodic danger in China-U.S. relations. Second is comprehensive planning. In handling China-U.S. relations, (China) should put more effort into working with multiple departments in the U.S., by various means, via multiple channels, and at multiple levels simultaneously. Third is advancement. (China) should not only do well in crisis management and actively prevent crises; in China-U.S. relations, it should also seek opportunities in a crisis to develop new areas to cooperate and to make progress on the basis of stability.

Source: China News Agency, January 2, 2012