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PLA Daily: the Military Must be Politically Correct and Well Disciplined

A commentary jointly issued on March 28, 2012, by the People’s Liberation Army General Political Department and China’s National Defense University called for the highly centralized unity of military personnel and stressed having the utmost discipline. It stated that maintaining the Party’s highly centralized unity is critical to the enhancement of the cohesive combat effectiveness of the military. Regardless of the changes and new challenges ahead, the military must be under the absolute leadership of the Party and “firmly follow the orders of the Party’s Central Committee, the Central Military Committee, and President Hu under all circumstances.” If the military is not politically correct, “it will likely lose direction amidst complex and confusing political struggles. … For every Party member, following the Party’s discipline is a political requirement; the most important requirement is to be in compliance with political discipline.”

Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily reprinted by People’s Daily, March 27, 2012