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Survey Showed 93.4 Percent Would Like Ticket Prices for Cultural Events to Be Lower

China Youth Daily recently conducted a survey of 12,234 people from 31 provinces and regions about the ticket prices for culture oriented leisure events. Of those surveyed, 85.8 percent complained that the prices for movies, stage plays, and concerts were too high. Of those who were interviewed, 52.6 percent were born after the 1980s; 26.7 percent were born after 1970s; and 84.8 percent are currently employed.

The survey results showed that 74.8 percent rarely have any culture oriented leisure activities. Of those surveyed, 86.1 percent believe that those activities shouldn’t be luxury items and 93.4 percent would like to see prices lowered; 71.2 percent are concerned that the high ticket prices will keep ordinary people away; 64.8 percent of those surveyed believe that when cultural events are overpriced, the pricing structure is at fault; 49.7 percent think it is due to high production costs; 47.7 percent think that the government didn’t provide funding or support; 73.7 percent suggest having more cultural activities for the public that are tailored toward the general public.

A comparison between the movie ticket prices in the U.S. and in China showed that low to middle class people in the U.S. with a monthly income of US$3,000 would spend about 0.2 percent or US$7.94 on one movie ticket. In China, people who make 3,000 yuan (US$476.10) a month would spend 2 percent of their monthly income or 60 yuan (US$9.52) on one movie ticket.

Source: China Youth Daily, March 29, 2012