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PLA Daily: Don’t Sow Discord Between China and Russia

On April 22, 2012, China and Russia started their first joint naval exercise. The 6-day exercise took place in the Yellow Sea. PLA Daily published an article rebutting the Western media’s warning that behind the apparent trust and friendship of the Sino-Russian military exercise, there is “hidden tacit friction.” It criticized the Western media, saying their intent was to interfere with China’s development, sow discord between China and its friends, and create a hostile environment for China. “Some Western countries not only fear that China will improve; they also fear that China and Russia, the two big countries, will be friends.”

The article praised steady growth of the Sino-Russian relationship and the strengthening of their military ties. Not only do the two militaries have friendly visits but they also frequently cooperate substantively and practically at high levels on a wide range of issues. “Relations between the two countries are now the best they have ever been.”

Source: PLA Daily, April 23, 2012