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Qiushi: China Must Control Its Internet

A Qiushi article stated that, because some people and businesses are abusing the Internet, China must exercise its control over it. It listed a number of reasons.

The first reason that the article mentioned was that rumors and inflammatory remarks on the Internet can harm social stability and national security. It blamed the Xinjiang “July 5” event (where Uyghurs clashed with the Han people in Xinjiang) in 2009 on the Internet, saying that separatist Rebiya Kadeer and the “World Uyghur Congress” aroused the people and spread false information over the Internet. “Facing such a bloody lesson and such a cost of life, when those words jeopardize social stability and national security, how can we not control it?” “We cheer the police for how they attack those rumor creators and the telecommunication administrators for how they close those rumor spreading websites!”

Source: Qiushi Online, April 16, 2012