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RFA: PLA Daily Attacks the Notion of Nationalization of the Military

Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently reported on the news that the Chinese military is undergoing some adjustments. The official newspaper of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), PLA Daily, recently published a commentary by the No. 15 commentator, attacking the idea of nationalizing the Chinese military. The commentary called the whole notion a “strategic conspiracy by the hostile forces to westernize and divide China.” The commentary reemphasized the classic Communist Party policy of “the Party Commands the Gun.” However the RFA report questioned the background of picking up this nationalization topic which was typically an academic discussion. The commentary used the Soviet Union as an example of a failure that resulted from the nationalization of the Soviet military. The commentator also tried to link the anti-nationalization viewpoint to Hu Jintao’s requirements for the military, such as “maintaining discipline.” It is becoming obvious that the commentaries by the No. 15 commentator, along with many other articles published by PLA Daily in the past several months, are paying more attention to having a position that honors Hu Jintao’s leadership.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 16, 2012