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VOA: Expert Said Taiwan is the Priority Target for Chinese Internet Attacks

On May 16, 2012, Voice of America reported that a forum on the topic of Internet warfare took place a week ago in the United States. Mark Stokes, Executive Director of the Project 2049 Institute, suggested in the forum that Taiwan has been the top Chinese hacking target for a long time because the Chinese government holds the island (being a part of China) as one if its “core values.” He also expressed the belief that what’s more threatening to the communists is Taiwan’s democratic system. Mark Stokes said that, although Taiwan is a nation relying on U.S. supplied military equipment, since Taiwan has a very long history of dealing with Chinese hackers, it is in a good position to provide the U.S. with useful help on how to defend against those attacks. Also at the forum, William Hagestad, a research expert on the Chinese military and its information warfare, introduced his new book, which covers the impact that Chinese information warfare has had on the West.  

Source: Voice of America, May 16, 2012