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Chinese Scholar: China Has the Ability to Destroy the U.S., but Should Avoid a Hot War

Jin Canrong, a scholar at Renmin University of China, spoke at the Beijing Xiangshan Forum. He stated that China and the United States should show transparency to each other and that both countries ought to avoid a hot war. Jin said, “China has the ability to destroy the United States.”  He said that the U.S. can destroy China ten times but China need only destroy the U.S. once. The Beijing Xiangshan Forum was an international event that the Chinese military hosted. Jin made the above remarks when the Taiwan based Central News Agency interviewed him.

Jin added that many Chinese scholars today hope to return to the “keeping a low profile” foreign policy from the Deng Xiaoping’s era, believing that with a continuation of that policy, China will attract little attention and there will be no problems (between the two countries). Jin refuted the idea as “being very naïve.” “Keeping a low profile would lead Americans to think it is deception.” If Deng Xiaoping were still alive, Jin believes Deng will also change his strategic thinking because Deng’s strategy came out of “practice.” It is useless even if the policy has not changed. Anyway, China is too strong to hide it.

Jin said that China and the U.S. should also avoid a cold war, which is no good for either side. The game played between the two powers needs to be transparent. Therefore, it was necessary to show some strength during the recent military parade so as to avoid miscalculations by the hostile parties. After all, in  history, “miscalculations” caused many wars.

Source: Central News Agency, October 21, 2019