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Beijing’s Angry Response to Pence’s China Speech

On October 25, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying commented on Vice President Mike Pence’s China speech for the Wilson Center. Hua said, “(the Pence speech) deliberately distorted China’s social system and its human rights and religious conditions and unreasonably criticized China’s domestic and foreign policies. Pence’s remarks were exactly the same as his speech given last October, full of arrogance, hypocrisy, political prejudice and lies.”

Hua continued, “On these issues, Pence headed a handful of American politicians in calling white black and black white, made carping comments, and spread rumors and slander. Their purpose was to interfere with China’s internal affairs and obstruct China’s stability and development. However, dark clouds cannot cover up the sun and lies cannot cover up the truth. Any attempt to undermine China’s national unification, ethnic unity, and social stability, as well as any plot to damage the reputation of and splash dirty water on China is destined to be only daydreaming and to be cast aside by history.”

“People like Pence easily make irresponsible remarks and boss around other countries. At the same time, they turn a blind eye to the serious problems in the United States. They attempt to cover up their political problems by defaming other countries and diverting the attention of the American public.” Hua added, “We advise some people in America to take a hard look in the mirror, see clearly their own problems, mind their own business, stop yelling around the world, and pack up the set of tricks that harm others without benefiting themselves.”

Source: Xinhua, October 25, 2019