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Military Expert: China May Consider Destroying U.S. Air Force Base

Sina News recently reported that former Chinese Army Colonel Yue Gang commented on the possibility of attacking a U.S. Air Force base. Yue used to serve at the Headquarters of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He suggested in a Sina News interview that, if the U.S. Air Force engages in a military conflict over the Diaoyu Islands (a.k.a. the Senkaku Islands), China can use middle range missiles to take out a U.S. Air Force base. Yue expressed the belief that China does not have the capability to directly fight the U.S. Air Force stealth fighter jets. However, in his opinion, China should take out the place where the stealth fighter jets are based – with Chinese middle range missiles. China has a large enough supply of such missiles. Yue admitted in the interview that this plan will indeed escalate the conflict between China and the United States to a higher level. 
Source: Sina News, January 24, 2013