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Chinese Scholar Criticizes the U.S. for Launching Iraq War

On March 20, 2013, People’s Daily published an article titled “A Typical ‘Multi-Failure’ War.” Li Shaoxian, Vice President of the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) authored the article. According to Li, there have been no winners in the Iraq War that was launched on March 20, 2003. Ten years have passed; thousands of civilians have died in the terrorist bombing; and the nation is seriously split apart, which restricts the reconstruction and development of post-war Iraq. The war led to a serious geopolitical power imbalance in the Middle East. The cost of the war to the U.S. was both the huge military expenses and several thousand lives of American officials and soldiers. As to the evidence to start the war (Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and had connections with terrorist organizations), it turned out to be fabricated. The United States suffered a significant loss to its international reputation.

The article concluded that the Afghanistan War, Iraq War and Libya War, which the U.S.-led Western countries initiated, all brought serious consequences to those countries.

Source: People’s Daily, March 20, 2013