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Editorial: China Needs to Improve Its Ability to Adapt to the North Korean Nuclear Problem

China’s state media published an editorial discussing China’s position in the escalating North Korea nuclear crisis. The article said the following about China’s part: 

“On the North Korea nuclear issue, China is in a ‘normal passive’ position. That is to say, China’s passivity is not more serious than that of any other country in the region. There are no true ‘active countries.’ China needs to further increase its national power, including its military and economic power. China’s continual accumulation of power will eventually ease the current embarrassment substantially and China will have more flexibility strategically.
“China should also continue shouting the slogans for the denuclearization of the peninsula. As long as we no longer seriously pursue it, it will be a lot easier. China’s strategic goal should be that a big war does not occur on the Peninsula. 
“All kinds of accidents will happen on the Korean peninsula in the future. China does not have the ability and will not have the opportunity to prevent them from happening. We can only continue to get more resilient from the accelerated growth of our national strength.” 
Source: Huanqiu, April 3, 2013/4/4