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Person Who Had Contact with a Diseased H7N9 Patient Developed Symptoms

As of the end of April 4, 2013, Shanghai had reported four more H7N9 bird flu cases with four fatalities and two undergoing treatment, bringing the total number of cases in Shanghai to six. According to the local authorities, there is no connection between the six cases. One person who had contact with a diseased H7N9 patient has developed a fever, running nose and an itchy throat, and is presently undergoing treatment.

On April 4, China’s agricultural authorities announced that they had detected the infectious H7N9 avian flu virus in some pigeon samples collected at a marketplace in the Songjiang District of Shanghai, where agricultural products are sold.

[Editor’s note: So far, China has confirmed 14 H7N9 cases, six in Shanghai, four in Jiangsu Province, three in Zhejiang Province and one in Anhui Province. Of all, four died in Shanghai and one died in Zhejiang Province.]

Source: Xinhua, April 5, 2013