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Oriental Daily: Hong Kong Businessman Refused Entry to U. S.

Primary Malaysian Chinese language newspaper Oriental Daily recently reported that only a few days after Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman with Mainland background was refused entry to the United States once his private jet landed in the U.S. The well-known pro Mainland Hong Kong newspapers Takungpao and Wenweipo both publicly confirmed that their reporters also face U. S. Visa restrictions. One of the primary points of the new U. S. Hong Kong Act was that the U. S. Government be authorized  to refuse entry, restrict visas, and freeze assets of certain individuals who obstruct Hong Kong freedom. Hong Kong democracy activists said the new bill is a major milestone and they will work actively with local residents to come up with recommendations to add to the U. S. blacklist. They are also working with law makers in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, and Germany to pass similar laws.

Source: Oriental Daily, December 3, 2019