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Party Membership Development Program Recruits Members from National Defense Students

The China Military website carried an article that described how the PLA in the Nanjing district has been recruiting party members from among students currently enrolled in the national college defense students program. The article said that the PLA in the Nanjing district had hired experts in Party ideology, veterans of the red army, and those well-known in the Party to teach classes in Party theory, arrange field trips to the Party’s historic sites, and set up Party branches in every class in every university to ensure that a branch manages every member. The director in charge of training at Tongji University and the East China University of Science and Technology reported statistics that stated that, in the past three years, 86 training classes have been organized at 11 universities that held national defense training programs. Through these programs, they identified 2,200 candidates who then became active Party members.

Source: China Military, June 2, 2013