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Why Has China Emboldened Diplomatic Statements on Foreign Affairs?

People’s Daily (overseas edition) published an article commenting on China’s new look in its diplomatic stance on foreign affairs. The article said, “China has always been low-key and subtle, but observers have found that China’s voice on foreign affair is becoming increasingly clear and strong. Especially in the matter of its core interests, China’s diplomatic stance is strong and bold.” 

The article listed several reasons for China’s emboldened diplomacy. “The first reason comes from its ever-increasing national power. …The United States can dictate and boss people around in the world. It relies on its unparalleled military hegemony… For the current Chinese diplomacy to be strong and speak with more and more weight, the premise is that comprehensive national power, including military strength, is becoming stronger day by day.” 
The article continued, “More importantly, China’s boldness in diplomacy comes from the tremendous spiritual energy to defend its legitimate rights and national interests.” “Currently, the Japanese continue to provoke in China’s Diaoyu Islands issue; they try to subvert the Far Yalta system by confusing the definition of ‘aggression’; U.S. politicians, intentionally favor and defend Japan out of their own self interest; they constantly incite and intensify the conflict. … In recent years, maritime security has become the focus of China’s national security. Therefore, facing the challenge of those acting against China’s core interests, our natural reaction in diplomacy is particularly ruthless.”
Finally, “On a deeper level, that China’s new diplomacy is so comfortably under control is also a manifestation of the increased level of China’s diplomatic strategy. Simply put, we have a more clear consciousness of ‘enemies and friends’ in diplomatic strategy.” 

Source: People’s Daily (overseas edition), May 14, 2013