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Potter King: “I Have Never Kneeled Down to the CCP”

Taiwan Internet Celebrity “Potter King” hosted a show with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and posted it on YouTube. His video was watched 3 million times on Facebook and 600,000 times on YouTube.

However, Papitube, a media company in China, which signed “Potter King” for the China’s market, demanded that he remove the video from YouTube, since he called Tsai Ing-wen the “President.” The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been belittling Taiwan all along and does not allow others to call it a country or call its leader the “President.”

Later, “Potter King” posted the WeChat exchange between himself and the Chinese company on the Internet. It showed that the staff at Papitube said, “Taiwan President???????!” “Can you remove it right now?” “Do you think if you didn’t post it on a Micro Blog that you can get away with it?” “This is very serious!”

“Potter King” refused to remove it. He answered that, if he can’t call his President the “President” (according to the CCP’s rule), he’d rather not make money from China. He said, “From the beginning, I have never kneeled down (to the CCP).”

This is a significant event having to do with the CCP’s coercing the world about Taiwan, since, in the past, many companies and people have chosen to yield to the CCP.

Source: Deutsche Welle, December 16, 2019撩总统被中方解约-波特王凸显艺人困境/a-51689526