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China Firmly Opposes the U.S. Space Force

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that China firmly opposes the newly founded U.S. Space Force. After U.S. President Donald Trump signed the military spending bill into law, the U.S. military officially established a new branch – The Space Force. Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang responded in a press conference, expressing “deep concerns” and “strong opposition.” Geng suggested that the United States took this step facing disagreement from the international community. The U.S. strategy of dominating outer space is really the militarization of space and is turning outer space into a war field. The move is directly against the common international belief of the peaceful use of outer space and it will destroy the global strategic balance, which is the foundation of world stability. It is a direct threat to peace and security. Geng called on all “major world powers” to take a “careful and responsible attitude” on this issue. President Trump said it was critical for the United States to have an advantage in space. Another Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson also mentioned that it has become urgent now to negotiate and establish international legal agreements on outer space arms control.

Source: Sina, December 25, 2019