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Why Has China Pulled the Mysterious Cover Off Its Nuclear Submarine Force?

Recently, China’s major media have all used their most prominent positions to report on the development of the PLA’s nuclear submarine force over the last 42 years, breaking the long-standing mystery surrounding China’s nuclear submarine force. 

Qiushi, the leading journal interpreting the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article to offer some explanations as to why China has suddenly highly touted its once secret PLA force: 
One is to highlight the important role of the national strategic weapon of its nuclear submarine force and to let the public know that the Chinese sea-based strategic deterrent forces have been formed for a long time and are very reliable. 
Another is to deter some countries that attempt to assault China with ulterior motives. In today’s world, certain countries or groups always regard China as a thorny hostile country and hope to get rid of it. They always contemplate the use of war or even a nuclear strike against China. [Therefore], China must maintain an appropriate nuclear attack and nuclear retaliatory capability. Unleashing the cover of the Chinese nuclear submarine force, China intends to warn those countries hostile to China that China’s nuclear retaliatory capability is strong and that China has the ability to compete and to effectively safeguard its national security. 
Source: Qiushi, October 28, 2013