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Government Think Tank on Upcoming Party Meeting’s Agenda of Reform

Chi Fulin, an economist and Deputy Director of the China Institute for Reform and Development, a government think tank, made some predictions about the Third Session of the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party to be held from November 9 to 12 in Beijing. Chi looked at its agenda on economic reform.   
Chi stated that the factors of production that China has relied on, such as resources, land, and labor are diminishing, while social problems are increasing. Economic, social, and management transformation will depend on China making a major breakthrough in reform. He believes that, if the reform is successful, China’s economy may maintain moderate growth for another five to 10 years. 
Chi predicted that the six points made by Xi Jinping back on July 23, 2013, have set the theme for the upcoming Third Session of the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The six points are to form a nation-wide, market oriented system, to further strengthen economic revitalization, to increase macro-economic control, to improve social justice and fairness, and to enhance the ability of the Communist Party to rule China. 
Source: China Review News, October 30, 2013