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Apple Daily: China Replaced Mainland HK Liaison Office Director

Major Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily recently reported that Luo Huining, former Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and current Deputy Chairman of the Finance and Economic Committee of the National People’s Congress has replaced Wang Zhimin, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It is no coincidence that Wang’s replacement happened at a time when the social stability of Hong Kong was at high risk. Many anonymous sources thought that the central government was extremely unhappy with the handling of the recent Hong Kong movement for democracy and freedom. The Liaison Office is the central government’s direct representative in Hong Kong. Wang is the Liaison Office Director with the shortest term since Hong Kong returned to China in 1997. According to past records, the new Director Luo Huining has no previous experience on Hong Kong related matters. At the age of 65, he is very close to retirement. Many analysts expressed the belief that Luo is on a temporary assignment. The Hong Kong government issued a statement welcoming the new Liaison Office Director.

Source: Apple Daily, January 4, 2020