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Xinhua: Chinese Students Should Stay Alert to Stigmatized U.S. Visa Policies

Xinhua recently published a commentary on the visa issues Chinese students face in the U.S. The commentary started with the statistics showing that the U.S. issued a total of 78,100 student visas in fiscal year 2018. This represented a decline of over 20 percent in three years. Of those visas issued, the number of Chinese students declined by 54 percent. In addition, the time it took for a Chinese student to obtain a U.S. student visa increased substantially.

American university officials typically blamed the current U.S. administration’s policies and attitude for the situation. Also, the increasingly high costs have remained another important challenge. The commentary strongly recommended that, for those planning to go to the U.S. for their education, it is very important to conduct careful research to avoid the majors in which it is harder to obtain a visa. It is also critical to select a domestic destination in case the visa application fails. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented that the unpopular U.S. policies have truly harmed the international image of the U.S., its reputation, and its national interests.

Source: Xinhua, January 2, 2020