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Chinese Generals: Peaceful Rise Does Not Mean Refusal to Fight

On November 12 a forum was held at the Prime Hotel Beijing Wangfujing after a press release announced the introduction a new book, "China Is Not Afraid — New Threats to Our National Security and Our Counter Strategy." More than 50 people including five PLA generals, major media reporters, publishers, and others attended the forum and discussed the current hot issues of national defense and security. 

The author of the book is the former deputy director of the Strategy Department at the PLA Military Academy. He believes that the current U.S. policy of containing China has not changed and will not change. Mao Zedong made the statement that imperialists are "paper tigers" in order to solve the problem of fear. In the press release, the author said, "Our Party [the CCP] and our army were founded on the premise of having no fear. The Chinese army should ‘be able to fight, fight to win.’ It must have the will of fearlessness in the face of strong enemies." 

Major General Peng Guangqian commented that China’s "peaceful rise" is not to say China "refuses to fight." We have to be well prepared as, at any given time, a situation can get out of control. Major General Xiao Yusheng asserted that some Chinese people should overcome the "America-phobia” and "Japan-phobia" syndromes. 

Source: Xinhua, November 13, 2013