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PLA Editorial: Resolutely Resist the “Nationalization of the Military”

On November 10, 2013, during the third session of the 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily published an editorial titled, “Always Adhere to the Party’s Absolute Leadership over the Military.” 

According to the PLA Daily editorial, Xi Jinping’s met last week with PLA delegates. The editorial summarized the core of his remarks, “Always adhere to the Party’s absolute leadership over the military; always adhere to the fundamentals of the ability to fight and win the war; always adhere to the Party’s policy that the Party must tightly control the Party; and always adhere to the spirit of reform and innovation to strengthen the Party’s development.” The editorial continued, “To study diligently and to implement President Xi’s important instructions, we must first grasp the fundamental task of ensuring the Party’s absolute leadership over the military.” “Our military is the people’s army founded and led by the Party. It is the armed forces that implement the Party’s political tasks. The fundamental system of the Party’s absolute leadership is a scientific system that has been proven repeatedly in practice.” 
The editorial emphasized that, in the light of the activities of the hostile forces overseas, one must remain alert as some people lack the understanding of the Party’s absolute leadership of the military. “Under these circumstances, it is particularly important that we take "always adhering to the Party’s absolute leadership over the military" as the highest political principle to follow, as the highest political requirement to implement, and as the highest political discipline to observe.”
“[We] must unswervingly adhere to the fundamental principle and system of the Party’s absolute leadership of the military, proactively win the ideological struggle, and resolutely resist such wrong political views as "non-political and non-Party military” and “nationalization of the military.” 
Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily reprinted by People’s Daily, November 10, 2013