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Chinese Academician: China Must Develop Its Cyber Warfare Forces

Wu Jiangxing, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former president of the PLA Information Engineering University, recently attended a grand interview program of "academicians talking about strengthening the military." Wu called for the establishment of a Chinese cyber frontier defense army as an imminent task.  

Cyberspace has become the fifth biggest battlefield after land, sea, air, and space. The United States has established a cyber warfare force and regards cyber warfare forces as a major component in safeguarding national security. Wu Jiangxing said that the nature of cyber warfare forces is the same as other armed forces. The purpose of "cyber warfare forces is, first, to defend cyberspace; secondly it should develop counter measures." 
Wu said that, at present, China is just beginning to explore how to protect its national information technology facilities. Compared to the massive and frequent nationwide actions of "Cyber Storm" exercises that the United States held in recent years, China falls far behind both in scale and in technical levels. Wu proposed that China must cultivate the concept of a cyber frontier defense; innovatively develop and change the current rules of the game using revolutionary technology; and allow China to develop more effective means and equipment to defend the country’s cyberspace frontier. 
Source: Xinhua, January 7, 2014