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Outlook: Five New Trends in the International Arena

Outlook News Weekly, a publication under Xinhua disseminated an article on international trends in which it reviewed 2013 and foretold developments in 2014. The article stated that there are five new trends in the international strategic situation. 

First, there appear to be new changes in the international power play. The United States as super power saw its advantages reduced as it is beleaguered by domestic and international problems. China, the European Union, and Russia are now the second tier players, with Japan, India, and Brazil being the third tier players. 
Second, bilateral relationships between three pairs of countries are taking shape. The United States wrestles with the Russians, the United States plays games with China, and China and Japan are in a contest with each other. 
Third, multiple countries on the two continents of the Middle East/North Africa, and the Asian Pacific are engaged in complex chess games.
Fourth, old and new challenges in the arena of international security are intertwined and growing in tandem. The traditional security issues of maritime territorial disputes have led to an arms race in Asia. The U.S. and Russia are competing in R&D for strategic advantages in the ocean, in space, and in nuclear energy. The non-traditional challenges include cyber security, terrorism, climate, and ecological changes. 
Fifth, China is proactively engaging in diplomacy with confidence. 
Source: Outlook News Weekly, January 6, 2014